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How can I get rid of Wine Stains from my Teeth?

Did you ever suffer from those purple stains after guzzling down a glass of wine? Did it embarrass you? Everyone loves their wine but the stains can be extremely tricky to get rid of. Well, the reasons behind your worry can vanish now. Your favorite Yakima Dentist has come up with the best tricks to avoid wine stains on your teeth. Let us take a look at them.

Brush Beforehand

When we notice those stains we immediately rush to brush our teeth. However, this can do more harm than good. Red wine is acidic and can make your teeth enamel sensitive after a drinking session. This can cause serious enamel erosion and pave the way for tooth decay. This is the only reason why wine falls on the list of food items to avoid after teeth whitening. Brushing your teeth beforehand can reduce the risks of purple patches on your teeth. Effective removal of plaque can make sure that your smile does not get tinted.

Sip That Sparkling Water

Taking water breaks in between your drinking session will not only protect you from wine headaches but also wine stains. Swish that sparkling water inside your mouth and get rid of the acidity. It can also boost saliva production and ensure considerable cleansing of your oral cavity.

Gorge on Cheese

Cheese is the perfect accompaniment to wine and can help you protect your teeth too. It acts as a cover on your teeth and prevents staining. Calcium-rich cheese can cover up the pores on the surface of your teeth and disallow them to come in contact with the dark pigments of the wine. Hogging on that gorgeous slice of cheese will also stimulate saliva production and prohibit tooth discoloration and stains.

Avoid the “White” before the “Red”

Most people think that starting with white wine can help them to take things slow and prevent staining. It is high time that this myth is busted! Consuming white wine before the red can act as a primer and help the red pigments to sit on your teeth. It can corrode your enamel and make teeth staining extremely easy. Break this habit and practice self-control to maintain those pearly whites.

Munch on Food rich in Fiber

Dishes that contain broccoli, spinach, and sprouts are extremely effective in stain prevention. Order that salad and munch away. It will produce more saliva and scrub away those wine blotches. Saliva and your mouth have an intrinsic relationship. It can help maintain good oral health.

Don’t Forget to Brush Afterwards

Do not skip brushing after you drink. It is imperative to brush after every meal and drinking session to prevent tooth decay. However, you must never brush your teeth right after eating. This stands true for wine drinking as well. Wait for half an hour and then rinse your mouth to prevent the formation of wine stains.

Wine Wipes

Nowadays several gels and wipes are available in the market which can erase your stains in a few minutes. These products are safe and medically approved. Just carefully apply them and rub your stains with them. You can also carry them along with you in your wine escapades. Just use them after you are done drinking and voila! You are good to go.

If nothing seems to work then just rush to the dentist and get your teeth whitened professionally. If you are looking for the best whitening service in Yakima, WA then walks through our doors today. Our dentists will take the best care of you and address all your concerns.

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